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Who uses

Venture Capital Funds use the platform for mainly two reasons. Firstly they can bypass the annoying and time-consuming process of contacting, collecting and transferring all startup data manually. Through reporting automation the fund saves valuable time of its investment managers and therefor a lot of money. Secondly Venture Capital Fonds have to do regular reporting to Limited Partner theirselves. With they have a ready-to-go report with one click, instead of hours and hours of putting a powerpoint together.

Accelerators are in most cases mentoring programs with a limited amount of time. After the program the early-stage startups move out and try to grow. In order to really being in the position to support the startups after the accelerator program, delivers the right quantitative and especially qualitative data for adequate support.

Incubators are investing in most cases an amount between 25.000$ and 500.000$ in startups. But the more important part is the operational support in building the startup. Our platform allows incubators to always have an overview about their investments and especially gives alerts in case a startup needs immediate support. As soon as additional investors participate in the company, keeps everybody on the same page effortlessly.

Business Angels with several investment often have a hard times with the portfolio administration. It is just very challenging for a single person to manage all startups without any tool. And this is exactly where comes into play. The platform allows business angels to act as professional as big venture funds for a relativly small amount of money compared to paying an employee.

Startups are probably the most important part on our platform. As founders ourselves we know the long process of informing all investors manually, via e-Mail and sheets. That's why we built the platform. It allows founders to efficiently keep close contact to investors on the one hand, and on the other hand the platform gives back the valuable good that most founders don't have: TIME!

Crowdfunded Startups have an especially hard time: In many cases hundreds of investors want to know what's happening with their money. We help them by making sure that everybody receives the same information at the same time. Questions and discussions are organised and the huge amount of investors becomes manageable.

What differentiates us?

Unlike other reporting tools, is specialized to the needs of venture capital funds and funded startups. Through our semi-automated reporting framework we provide our investors and startups with the best experience when it comes to qualitative and quantitative reporting.

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