Best Practice: Monthly Routine
Refreshing KPIs and publishing an investor update is job for every month.
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Startups should at least give some updates on KPIs and business development once a month. Therefore the standard reporting cycle on is monthly. You will receive notifications each month in case an investor update is missing.

Update KPIs

Before sending a written update to investors, you should first of all update your KPIs. From experience most startups are able to do this 15 days after the reporting month's end.

Then you have two possibilities to update your KPIs. One is you go to you KPI section and add a new value for the respecting month. This is not really convenient as you have to edit all charts individually. But no worries, we are working hard on improvement.
Second you can use google sheets to update your KPIs. If you have connected your KPIs to a sheet, simply open the sheet and enter your new numbers. The new values are synced every 24 hours or you refresh by yourself directly:

Publish Investor Update

After updating the KPIs, you can create a new investor update. You can see if an update is overdue on the color of the "Update Button".

Green means that you are in time and everything is okay. Your last update is not older than 30days. In case your update is overdue, the field will appear in red color. This means you should definitely consider updating your investors.

As soon as your update is published, your investors will get notified. Now you can be relaxed and sit back, or you keep working on your startup ;)

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