Invite & Manage Portfolio Companies/Startups

Invite companies of your portfolio to have a complete overview

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With Investor Account, you can manage and invite portfolio companies with the buttons on top of your dashboard. Take care of invites, fund allocation, following, and removing startups. 

Manage Portfolio

On you have the possibility to "follow" startups. Following a startup means you can separately filter them in your dashboard and you receive e-mail notifications whenever they publish something new. Go to "Manage Portfolio" to manage your follows:

After you opened the management page you can see all startups. If the "Status" says "Requested" your invitation hasn't been accepted yet. For all other companies, you can simply click on the green star if you want to follow them.
In the fund column, you can assign each startup to a certain fund.

In case you have a single account you follow all your startups by default.
If you are part of a group account, you should definitely follow the companies you are responsible for. Only then you can be always up to date with their latest development.

Invite Portfolio Companies

Invite the companies of your portfolio, so they can keep you up-to-date on 

Simply add the email addresses of the company or companies you want to invite. Customize your invitation if you want to change the text of the mail, or want to exclude your company logo. If you want to check the invitation before sending it out you can use our test function.


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