Selectable Update Recipients
Learn how to select different recipients for your updates and find out who views what.
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Some of your updates are targeted at all your investors, some are only relevant for specific investors and some are meant for your team only. 

By selecting recipients when creating an update you can make sure that everybody receives only the content that is relevant to him or her. Recipients that are not selected will not see this update - neither on our platform nor in their e-mail inbox.

This is how you do it:

Step 1: Create an Update.

Step 2: Select the people you want to send the update to. If your invitation to someone still pending you can nevertheless select them.

Step 3: You can now continue your update as usual. Only the selected recipients will see your update.

Changing Recipients after sending

Please note that after you have sent an update, you are unable to change the recipients. We recommend you clone a previously sent update and send it to any additional recipients!

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