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How to build a Cap Table on Investory?
How to build a Cap Table on Investory?

Getting started with Cap Table

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The Cap Table on investory is a simple ledger that tracks equity ownership of each funding round of your company's shareholders. In addition, it is easily possible to add information about share classes and convertibles with notes.

NOTE: There is only a limited amount of logic/calculations built into the Cap Table. It is therefore necessary to check the correctness of entered data manually.
In order to use calculations, we suggest you use our Excel Cap Table Template and import it via the Import function.

Cap Table Overview

The Overview of the Cap Table provides a quick glance of over all funding rounds added to the Cap Table.
The content of the Overview adjusts depending on how many funding rounds have been added. It is possible to only add one (the latest) funding round instead of entered every round individually.

Funding Round Editing

Below the Overview section, the selection and edit options of each individual round are listed.
Here it is possible to view historic rounds, view a round by Shareholders or Share Class and manage the details of each round.

Round Overview

Similar to the Cap Table Overview, each round has its on quick overview section.
Here you see a high level Cap Table Chart with the majority Shareholders as well as the funding details of each round.

Shareholder List

The list of Shareholders provides a more detailed overview of who owns how much equity.

Shareholders can be assigned Share Classes, Total Shares, Total Share Options and notes.

To add new Shareholders or Share Classes click on Add, to edit many values at once, click on Edit All.

Manage Convertibles

Convertibles can be setup for each round individually.

The values entered here are only used to display Convertible details.

Any conversion assumptions can be added as a note and need to manually be updated, once they convert into shares.

Share Class View

In addition to the Shareholders View, each funding round can also be viewed by Share Classes.

This view is very similar to the shareholders overview but contains an overview of the share class, a detailed share class overview and in addition the Convertibles again.

Cap Table Import

Instead of setting up the Cap Table manually, we also offer an import option with corresponding import template to our users.

Users can download our Excel Template, fill in data and import it back again using this import feature.

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