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Difference between Data Room and Shareable Data Room
Difference between Data Room and Shareable Data Room
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Data Room is your personal and secured space to store any documents. You can create multiple folders and store as many documents as you want within those folders.

You can also create and share multiple shareable data rooms with your investors and external users via shareable links and can track access (e.g. Views, Last View, Downloads etc). Users also have an option make comments.

You can apply different security checks e.g. applying a password to enter into data room, restricting access to specific people, enable/disable comments, notifications when someone opens it etc.

What's the difference?

There is a company data room, which is accessible by all of your invited users (team members/investors). This is a shared space.

You can add some of the documents on the home page like Pitch Deck, Business Plan, Annual Report & Cap Table. And then you can click on "Access Data Room" to create multiple folders and add documents within those folders.

After that, there is an option to create shareable data rooms. You can create multiple shareable rooms with no limit and can manage access for these shareable rooms separately. It means you can have different shareable rooms for different people. The shareable data room comes under our Pro features and you need to upgrade to use shareable data rooms but you can use main data room even in our basic/free plan.

Tip: You can also attach documents from the Data Room to your Investor Updates directly.

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