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Invite your Team & Investors to your Account
Invite your Team & Investors to your Account
Learn how to make more out of investory by connecting with team members and your investors.
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In order to guarantee full access to Investor Updates, KPIs, Captable or Data Room we highly recommend to invite your Co-Founders and investors to the platform. There are no additional costs for you and also your investors will always have the possibility to use a free basic account. So how to send invites?

Invite team members

Login to your and look for the + in the orange circle. From this point you can choose to either invite investers or in this case a team members.

From there you can add the e-Mail addresses (1.), customize the invitation with a personal note from you (2.) and finally send it.

Your team member will receive an invitation in his inbox. By accepting the invitation from the e-Mail, he is directly connected with your company and you can both work on the account.

Invite Investors

Just like inviting team members, you can invite your investors.ย 

As soon as your investors accept the invitation, you get a notification. Differently to your team members, they have their own investor account where they can see your Dashboard, Investor Updates and CapTable.ย 

Please also read "What my investors see" and "Manage team and investors".
And for now, happy inviting ๐Ÿ“จ

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