What Can my Investors See
Find out which information is visible to your investors.
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Your investors have their own account and can see information from companies they are connected with. In case you are one of them, it is essential to know what they see. In this section we will walk you through the investor's view. That helps to present your startup at its best.

Investor's Overview

First of all an investor has a overview of all its portfolio companies. He can see the latest updates and compareable KPIs. The Comparable KPIs are the so called "predefined KPIs" that you can find in your KPI section by default. Make sure to have them up to date as they appear right at the homescreen of the investor:

As you can see in the screenshot the startup "Clothes for her" has no data entered in the predefined KPI section. They immediately stand out in a negative way in front of all investment managers, which could have been avoided through 5 minutes of work.

Your Startup Profile

Usually the next step for your investors is to drill into detail and check your company closer. On the one hand they can do this by having a look at your last update the, on the other hand they can have a look at your Startup's profile:

Here the investors find the same data you can see from your profile. They can access your Dashboard, Newsfeed, KPIs and Captable. Furthermore they got the same colorindication on the update button. As soon as the button turns red, they have the chance to "request an update".

You can see that you are in full control of your startups data. Investors can only access the data you provide. 

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