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Learn what an "Investor Update" is and how you create your first one.

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As soon as your account is setup, key shareholders have accepted your invite and it is time to deliver some news, you are more than ready for your first investor update.

What is an investor update?

It is very common to keep investors in the loop with a regular update on your startup's development.  Therefore the CEO or any other C-Level sends an investor update usually every month (in some cases even on a weekly basis). It is totally up to you how you want to organize your investor update. We from are only providing some ideas that worked for other startups and of course worked for ourselves.

Why should I write an update to my investors?

Creating a relationship
For every founding team it is crucial to have a good relationship with shareholders. They can open doors and play an important role in your startup's further development. A regular update creates trust and a common basis you can build on.

Whatever you promise to your investors, sooner or later you have to show them that you worked hard to fulfill them. Take the chance and show your progress and efforts in your monthly update. Even if you didn't accomplish everything, your investors will be grateful for your commitment and accountability.

Stay top of mind
Investors are very busy people. Either they are partner from a fund or accelerator and have several other investments to take care of, or they are business angels and have their own business to run. Use a monthly update to remind them that you exist, that you want them to be part of the startup and convert them into an active investor.

What is a good update structure?

For your first investor update, we have created some templates, which you can use in the "Update" section. A very common structure you can follow to write your first update is:

  1. Intro & short summary

  2. KPI section

  3. Progress

  4. Needs / asks

  5. Kudos for active support

Please feel free to change, adapt or add whatever you like. Investor especially like if they see your individual touch. Now enjoy updating :)

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