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Leave High Five & Comments to your Founders' Updates
Leave High Five & Comments to your Founders' Updates
Become a better investors through direct feedback and motivating your startup.
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Founders put a lot of time and effort in their monthly investor updates. On the one hand they want to present their startup in a good light, and on the other hand they are trying to get you on board. To show your appreciation for their efforts, you should give them some kind of feedback. On you can do this in no time through high fives, or you write a comment.

High five

When you have read the update and everything was okay, do not forget to give a "high five". It is probably the fastest way to give immediate feedback.
By giving a "high five" the startup gets notified and knows that your are satisfied with their performance and they keep doing what they do.


Another way of immediate feedback is writing a comment on an investor update. A comment can be read by the team members from the startup and other co-investors as well. It is a great way to get everybody active and involved. The startup receives a notification in case a comment is written.

Now you are all set to let your startups know what you think!

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