What is investory.io?
Find out more about the platform itself and how we provide an holistic approach for a better startup - investor relation.
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investory.io is an all-in-one investor relations platform. We help Startups and Investors to communicate in a simple and efficient way. Instead of having  information scattered across different tools, Excel-Sheets and e-Mails, we give our users digital space specialized for professional investor relations. Through structured data we create a basis where Startups and Investors can make data-driven decisions and plan for their future.

Investor Updates

The core of investory.io are Investor Updates. Investor Updates are reports from Startups for their Investors sent on a monthly basis. They usually include all important information of the startups business development including metrics (KPIs), problems facing the company, support requests.... Still founders have complete flexibility and can design it to their needs:

Key Performance Indicators

In order to make data-driven decisions and evaluate a startups current situation, key performance indicators are inevitable. investory.io has 7 predefined KPIs every startup has to report monthly. They are then summarized on the investor dashboard for a quick overview. Following KPIs are mandatory:

Doc Sharing

As it is a huge burden to send investment documents to all investors or to make sure everybody has access to the latest version of the pitch deck, investory.io has also a data room available. This allows startups to distribute important documents in a safe way to all investors.

Cap Table

A central point in the relationship between Startups and Investors is the cap table. Transparency and access to the current status of shares should be granted to all shareholders. investory.io has the possiblity to visualize the current state of the captable in a simple format and makes it available for the respective parties. In order to setup the cap table correctly please have a look here.

Specialized Dashboards

Fast and data-driven decision making is part of every investors and founder. To guarantee a quick status overview of startups, portfolios or complete funds, we provide our users with individual adaptable dashboards.

So we hope you received a first impression on the service we provide. Of course there are much more possibilites and function on the platform. You are invited to explore the platform and helpcenter. in case you have questions, simply chat with us :)

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