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Can I Remove the Standard/Core KPIs?
Can I Remove the Standard/Core KPIs?
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Predefined KPIs cannot be deleted by you or your teammate and have a fixed definition. Predefined KPIs are:

  • Revenue

  • Cost Labour

  • Cost Total

  • Net Cash Burn

  • Cash on Hand

  • Runway

  • Headcount

If you want to learn more about our predefined KPIs, just click as seen in the image below.

Why are they so important for your investors?

The predefined KPIs are all the same for every startup on the platform. Your investor can see the current month’s values on his dashboard. It allows him to see any urgent irregularities immediately:

Since many investors regularly check the KPIs of their portfolio companies, it is highly recommended to keep the numbers up to date. If there are any irregularities you don’t have to worry, as you can explain these in your monthly update.

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