Quarterly KPIs
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Quarterly KPIs are here

Import your data on a Quarterly basis via Excel or Google Sheet using our new templates. The chart will be adjusted to reflect your reporting period and carry over to the updates!

Need to mix and match your data – not a problem. Our flexible templates allow for multiple reporting periods.

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So, what’s new?

We have released new templates containing a frequency field – specify if you wish to track a KPI monthly or quarterly. You can add Quarterly data at the month corresponding to the end of each Quarter (i.e. March is Q1, June is Q2, September is Q3 and December is Q4).

What to consider?

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If you wish to change to the new template, you can do this one of the two ways:

  1. Copy over any previously imported data (i.e. your current source data) into the new template, otherwise previously imported data will be lost.

  2. Simply Add a new Frequency column into your existing template and specify the frequency as per the new template.

Happy with your current reporting?

Then there is no need to change anything. Feel free to continue using your existing templates.

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