Month on Month MAU Growth

The Month on Month Monthly Active User Growth measures how much the active user base grew from one month to another in percent

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If a business is not yet generating revenue (or when the size of the user base is particularly important to the business model) the MoM MAU Growth can be a good measure of a company's growth rate.


This metric can also be calculated on the basis of User Count. If a company generates revenue MoM Revenue Growth should also be looked into.




MoM Revenue Growth




The difference between this month's MAU and last month's MAU divided by last month's MAU gives the monthly active user growth.

(MAU 2nd month - MAU 1st month)

÷ MAU 1st month


MoM MAU Growth

In January a business had 1.000 active users, in February its active user base had grown to 1.200


÷ 1,000


20 %

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